16 Facts About London You Probably Didn’t Know

16 Facts About London You Probably Didn’t Know


London is an iconic and contemporary city with a history stretching back to the Romans.  It is called home to

8.6 million people.  But here are some interesting things that maybe not all of them know.


  1. The Metropolitan line opened in 1863 and is the oldest underground line in the world.


  1. The last person to be executed at the Tower of London was a German intelligence agent named Josef Jakobs. He was shot by firing squad in 1941.


  1. Out of 287 tube stations, only 29 are south of the River Thames.


  1. In 1952, pollution was so bad that Sadlers Wells Theatre were forced to abandon a performance when smog entered the auditorium.


  1. Although it’s not been used since 1932, The British Museum has its own underground station.  It is situated between Holborn and Tottenham Court Road.


  1. Only six people died in the Great Fire of London in 1966.


  1. Despite its rainy reputation, London has less rain on average than New York City.


  1. All distances to London are measurable to Charing Cross.  The actual centre can be pinpointed to a plaque in nearby St Martin’s Church.


  1. It’s illegal to die in parliament.


  1. 60% of the underground is actually over ground.


  1. Sir Christopher Wren’s first design for St Paul’s Cathedral featured a 60ft high stone pineapple on top of the dome.


  1. The walkways of Tower Bridge were accessible to the public until 1910, when they were shut because they became popular with prostitutes.


  1. Big Ben is the name of the bell, not the tower.


  1. Until 1916 you could buy pure cocaine at Harrods.


  1. The area of Covent Garden used to be a market garden to a convent. The name is actually misspelled.


  1. In 1929, author J M Barrie, having no children, gifted all the rights to Peter Pan in his will to Great Ormond Street Hospital.


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