Actually, I Can Write Again

Actually, I Can Write Again


My publishing journey has been on hold. After a break I didn’t emerge for quite a while. I discontinued going to my writing group.  Then I became involved in another project – collecting animals, including: three horses; three dogs; and two donkeys – and I bought some land to put them on! Most importantly, I ran out of money and was defeated by several publisher rejections. It drowned me and I gave up my writing.

I did think I’d pick it up again but couldn’t visualize when.  However, I didn’t stop reading my writer’s group emails. After about two years, an email arrived in my inbox entitled; ‘Stepping Down’, with the news that the current chairman was doing exactly that and he wanted to hear from anyone who would be interested to replace him. I could do that, I thought. And maybe, I could make the writer’s group a little more interesting. Make it work better for everyone. Perhaps, invite authors and coaches as guest speakers and, it might encourage me to write again. So, I went to the AGM and nominated myself. As it happened, I was the only nomination and I became Chairman, there and then. I guess that’s what you call grabbing an opportunity.

The following year, we designed a new website, we hosted a reading event during our local arts festival, and we had two highly successful meetings with guest speakers, a visiting author and author coach Wendy Yorke. She and I connected immediately and we talked together, late into the night. I discovered she was also a literary agent with very good publishing contacts. So, I gave her my first book Gilding The Lily to read, she loved it, and offered me representation a few weeks later. As soon as this amazing person gave me the thumbs up, my writing spark came alive again. New ideas sprung into my mind with a vivid vision and I immediately wrote the synopsis for my second book.

Sometimes you only need one person to believe in you. Right now, I don’t feel anything can stop me. Thank you, Wendy Yorke. You have helped me come back to my writing and I love you for it. My second book is awakening and taking shape happily, and it feels fabulous!

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