My Monday Morning Blog #4

My Monday Morning Blog #4

Monday 27th April 2020

Number of words written last week: Hardly any!

This week’s target: continue editing until ready to enter on 30th April.

Last week’s focus: MAKE IT REAL

This week’s focus: as above.

Last week, although I set myself a goal for 5000 words – I changed it.  At the beginning of the week I came across a writing competition that attracted me and I considered if Ceiba Tree was ready for it’s first submission.  I resolved it would need a few adjustments and much editing, but it could be possible and it could be ready.  The deadline is 30th May, so if I’m going to do it, I need to be quick with this preparation, so the goal changed.

Firstly, I decided to create and Prologue with my first two chapters, which gives the opening a bit more of a ‘punch’.  Chapter 3 then became chapter 1.  It’s been a while since I read this chapter, and I began cutting and pasting with a passion, but believe I made it deeper.   Then on to chapter 4 and 5 – the same.  In order to get these first 15,000 words ready, I need to edit, edit, edit.  So, edit, edit, edit, I did.   Instead of adding words, I took some away.  Instead of telling I starting showing.  Now my total word count has reduced by about 500!  But I believe this work is making the story come alive.

Although I had a goal at the start of this week – I wasn’t afraid to change it.  But I also had an execution plan, which I feel was an important part of the work in visualising this new goal, which allowed me to vere away from the original goal with no guilt.  The feel of excitement at the prospect of entering a competition wills me on.  Not just that, but a clear vision of having the first few chapters of the book practically completed to a high standard.   To accomplish this means having an understanding of what success means me.  There is no end to my vision… it’s just a beginning after all.  If I want to change the goal posts I can, and it will help.  All of this aids with defining a clearer long term plan.  In turn, it gives me confidence each day and this all leads to being self-motivated. 

This didn’t actually take masses of time. I think one day, all I did was entered GTL in a book cover competition, and shared my first tweet about my upcoming book blog tour.  (Once this get’s going in May, I am hoping for some great review to spur me on.)

And this showed me that as long as I do something each day, even if it’s not writing, or it’s small thing like tweeting, this will eventually add up to some kind of result – and when I take the pressure off like that, things just seem to happen.

And a PS… I feel remarkably happy about my twitter following which I think i mentioned earlier is incredibly difficult to grow… but with a bit more interaction, my following has grown from 373 on 10th March to 408 today. That’s over one a day. Some people would say that was pathetic, but I believe it shows an honest and real organic growth.

My motivational quote for this week is: A LITTLE PROGRESS EACH DAY ADDS UP TO GREAT RESULTS.

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