My Monday Morning Blog #1

My Monday Morning Blog #1

Monday 6th April 2020

I have decided to create a short, sweet, Monday Blog to help me self-motivate.  This blog really is just for myself and I don’t intend to educate or pontificate or lecture to anyone, with it.  Its simply a way to self-discipline.

I have found my concentration waning from one extreme to the other lately so I want to record things so that what I produce when I’m motivated, can motivate me to do more of the same, without zoning out.

I’m not going to post highly edited works of fictional art here – simply sentiments of how I feel about what I have done and how my novel writing is going and try and keep myself targeted and focused.  I thought I would post and share because then I can’t simply forget about it and this will help me to keep my promises to myself.

I aim to write it on Mondays, because Mondays is ‘office day’.  That is, I don’t ride the horses, which takes up quite a lot of my time and energy, so I can usually spend it catching up on things I haven’t bothered to do the rest of the time.  Even though we’re in the middle of the Great (as in ‘enormous’, not ‘good’) Covid19 Lockdown of 2020, when I find myself with more time, I am still trying to keep my office day going, and hence I’ve called this my Monday Blog.

Feel free to add anything you may feel is useful to me, especially where I’m struggling.  Thank you 😀

Monday 6th April 2020. Monday Blog 1

Number of words written last week: 3000 (weekly target min 6,000).  Argh!

This week’s target: min 5000. Argh!

Last week’s focus: research, research, research.

This weeks focus: write, write, write.

As you can see, I failed abysmally with actually writing anything, but I DID get a lot of really good research done, which then motivated me to get an awful lot of scribblings down which I aim to transcribe into something amazing this week.   I also read parts of my African journal that I had completely forgotten about, like getting fake ID in order to get through an airport to travel from Buta to Kisingani in Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo).  Very unlike me.  But it was great research because I had also described staying the night in a small village and sleeping in a real mud hut, which I will use in my novel.

As a PR excercise, I tried to get people to read my first chapter, and I didn’t get a very good response on Twitter.  No-one shared or even liked it, despite me re-tweeting.  (But thank you to those that are reading this who did leave a comment on the blog, I am very grateful).  I find Twitter quite frustrating…  it seems so difficult to interact effectively and achieve followers. It seems you have to have the wit of a professional comedian, or a brain the size of planet to get followers. I have little hope, but maybe this will help.  Anyone?

So my focus this week is to create more chapters, add more content and aim for 5000 words MINIMUM!

My motivational quote for this week: PUSH YOURSELF BECAUSE NO ONE IS GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU.

 Let’s go.

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