From Books Of All Kinds
GILDING THE LILY by Justine John is a stunningly disturbing debut thriller, with twists and turns that you will never see coming.

From NovelKicks
Wow, this book was one of those books that just had me say wow at the end. It is steady to develop. It spans over two years but it pulled me in. I couldn’t put it down. I read it pretty much in one session.

From The Library of Clean Reads
The author has done a superb job of creating a suspenseful atmosphere, with surprising twists and peopled with complex characters.

From Lynsey Summers in The Very Pink Notebook
The star of the show is the ending. I thought I had it worked out and although in part I did I just did not see the final twist coming and was left nodding my head in appreciation to the author.

From Whispering Stories
I was pulled completely into the lives of Amelia, Jack, Roger and Evelyn, and couldn’t wait to see where the story would take me. To gild the lily means to give a falsely attractive or valuable appearance to something, and Ms John certainly chose a title that couldn’t have fitted more perfectly.

From Sandra Olshaski on Goodreads
This fast-paced debut novel, a psychological thriller, captured me from the introductory words and held my attention to the end.

From Books From Dusk Til Dawn
What a brilliant opening to a book… This is a super suspense thriller that manages to throw in a brilliant couple of curve balls when you least expect them. I mean you just can’t walk away from some things can you? A super debut novel from this new author.

The author clearly has a talent for writing, I really did want to know where the story would go.

From Janel Hayley, Keeper of Pages
Sometimes books that are not as well-known/mainstream are the best ones! When I finished reading this book, I just stared at its lovely matt finish cover and smiled, thinking, I enjoyed every single thing about this book and I’m so happy I had the chance to read it.

From Book Blogger NerdishMum
The story is paced perfectly which kept me reading far later into the night than it should have done. I felt very much like it was a modern version of a classic psychological mystery story, think an Agatha Christie type of feeling but with a bigger setting of London and New York. 

From Janel Hayley, Keeper of Pages
Before I formulate a review, I have to say, I love when a book crosses your path, by an author you’ve never heard of and a book you know nothing about and it turns out to be a little gem!  After I finished this one, I just thought Wow, I really enjoyed every bit of this story!  And, books with black matt finishes/covers are just😍🖤

From Mrs H on Amazon
I downloaded it and read it in almost one sitting! I thoroughly enjoyed it; it’s a well-written, tantalising, exciting read. Some nice twists in it too 🙂

 From Ian Robinson on GoodReads
This novel had me hooked from page one. There are a few twists and turns in the story which kept me interested. I definitely couldn’t put it down until the end which was totally unexpected. It’s a suspense novel which many people could relate to as it explores various issues of a common dysfunctional family – and let’s face it – whose family isn’t dysfunctional? I definitely recommend it!